– I love love this!!!                             – scroll is not too long and nav adapts to lower levels              – very different, yet elegant UX as you get into different sections… check out “Framing” video in Framing  – very different UX that uses a left/right arrow slider interface with filling the entire screen…
I found it pretty intuitive, but probably not for the average joe?     – super simple… terrible logo eh                 – not wild about the video, but love the scroll and filling of the entire screen                – holy fuckin shit… wow!!!

Key gallery ideas out of the 50 or so sites I have studied the past few days:
Note: love the home page with scaling bg, but prefer white bg for entire site
really love BIG images and BIG titles with minimal type and lots of white space
Note: not an awful “responsive” site design for mobile…just not great design like Paul Kasmin
Note: no go with serif type (gotta go sans serif), but love the spacing and image sizes
Note: I like the rotating slideshow, but prefer a bigger slider and entire white background without the grey
Note: nice bg image on homepage
Note: again, big image, big title… better typography than Paul Kasmin
Note; superclean layout for reading… great spacing
Note: love the installation views page…again prefer white bg